What Can Cranberry Supplements Offer?

One of the original ‘superfruits’, cranberries aren’t just for Christmas. A native North American fruit, vaccinium macrocarpon, a 100g serving of these little red jewels delivers 22% of your recommended daily vitamin C intake.1 Vitamin C is also known as ascorbic acid and has several important functions. It helps to protect cells and keeps them healthy as well as being necessary for collagen formation for the maintenance of healthy cartilage.2 Vitamin C also contributes to normal function of the nervous system and helps reduce tiredness and fatigue.

Low in sugar

Unlike many fruits, cranberries are low in sugar. That same 100g serving of cranberries only contains four grams of sugar. Indeed, fresh cranberries are very tart, which is why dried cranberries are often sweetened with sugar or apple juice.
Cranberries are good sources of vitamins E and K and the trace mineral manganese. The antioxidant vitamin E contributes to the protection of cells from oxidative stress, while vitamin K contributes to the maintenance of normal bones. Manganese also helps with these functions as well as normal function of connective tissue and turning food into energy. Antioxidants include vitamins, minerals and other chemicals that help protect our cells from the damaging substances produced during normal cell metabolism.3

Available supplements

Seven Seas Essentials Cranberry Forte One-a-Day capsules provide 200mg concentrated cranberry powder in an easy to swallow capsule.



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