80 Years And Still Going Strong

Times may have changed, but the Seven Seas commitment to cod liver oil remains unshaken. Seven Seas has been providing customers with unique supplements and fish oils for 80 years –a rich heritage to celebrate!



Our lifestyles may have changed, but Seven Seas' belief that your #TRUEAGE is the age you feel inside and our commitment to providing high-quality supplements built on credible scientific research has lived on for over 80 years.

Humble Beginnings

Today, Seven Seas is a household name for nutritional supplements and healthy fish oils in over 60 countries. It’s hard to imagine cod liver oil without thinking of Seven Seas. The health benefits of Seven Seas Cod Liver Oil have been known for generations. It was first prescribed to children and mothers during WW2 to help reduce malnutrition. Regular consumption of omega-3 fatty acids, as those found in Seven Seas Cod Liver Oil, benefits both the brain and the heart and can help maintain normal cholesterol levels.

Trusted Benefits Recharged

Seven Seas continues to build upon its rich heritage of health-supporting supplements. The most recent addition, Perfect7, is designed to provide seven key health benefits for men and women, using a unique blend of marine oils, essential multivitamins and minerals.

Nutrition Through The Decades

After 80 years of producing cod liver oil products, Seven Seas continues its legacy of providing families with a high quality of nutritional supplements for many more decades of good health.