How to age youthfully?

Ageing well is about feeling good on the inside. Tackle the tell-tale signs of ageing from within and embrace life.

We all notice subtle changes as we get older, like grey hairs and fine lines. And, sure, there are days when we fantasise about having a face-lift or signing up for Botox – it seems to work for celebs, after all…

But deep down we know that’s not the answer. Because positive ageing isn’t about drastic measures like surgery (gulp) or avoiding mirrors; it’s about embracing these changes and supporting the body at every stage. Feeling young on the inside is a good place to start. Eating a healthy balanced diet is an incredibly important part of this, to ensure your body is receiving all the nutrients it needs. After all, our diets can impact on everything from how radiant our skin and hair looks to how energised we feel.

In fact, as any dermatologist will tell you, the right foods will do far more to delay wrinkles than any expensive face cream. Experts recommend a balance of protein-rich foods, healthy fats, complex carbohydrates, and fresh fruit and vegetables for optimal good health. Of course it’s not always easy to eat a balanced diet – not when life is so hectic, and convenience foods and microwave meals beckon.

That’s why taking a supplement can help support you. Fish oils, for example, are rich in EPA and DHA omega-3 fatty acids, which benefit the whole body. Additionally, the government recommends that we eat a portion of oily fish a week. 

There are several vitamins and minerals that play an important role in maintaining normal hair and skin (think of them as nature’s moisturiser).  Multivitamins provide vitamins providing skin benefits, including vitamins A, C, zinc, biotin, iodine which are contained in our multivitamins product as well as our Perfect 7 formula.


Fish oils are also a source of vitamin A, a powerful antioxidant that helps protect and repair skin (one of the reasons it’s a key ingredient in many skin creams).

A multivitamin and mineral supplement can also be helpful for protecting your looks, particularly one that contains nutrients known to help tackle the tell-tale signs of ageing – zinc and biotin play a role in strengthening hair and skin, for example, and zinc is also important for healthy nails. Other useful nutrients include vitamin B6 which helps regulate hormones (the body requires more of this as we get older); and magnesium, which is important for energy production.

Simple changes like this can make a big difference to the way you look and feel. With your body’s nutritional needs taken care of, you can really embrace life – and next time you catch sight of yourself in a mirror, be sure to stop and smile!

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