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Since 1935, Seven Seas has been helping families live their #TRUEAGE, by researching and developing a range of products built on the science of Omega-3 as being an essential building block of all the body's cells. The Seven Seas story begins with cod liver oil…




Scientific research endorsed Cod Liver Oil’s reputation, and it was accepted by the medical profession as a treatment for illnesses linked to malnutrition.


Cod Liver Oil was used as a cure for the crippling bone disease rickets, and Hull Trawler owners invested in its commercial production.


Pure Cod Liver Oil Liquid was launched under the brand name Seven Seas. The first ever easy-to-take Seven Seas Pure Cod Liver Capsules were introduced.


During the Second World War, Seven Seas Pure Cod Liver Oil Liquid was distributed for free to pregnant and nursing mothers as well as to children up to five years old through the Ministry of Food's Welfare Food Scheme.


Marketing its products at home and abroad became a vital part of the Seven Seas brand. Seven Seas Cod Liver Oil products were exported to Malaysia and all of the Commonwealth countries.


Seven Seas adopted the hermetic refining method of processing Cod Liver Oil continuously in three stages in order to ensure the highest quality of Cod Liver Oil.


Seven Seas expanded and moved into production of vitamin & mineral supplements.


Following evidence that omega-3 fish oils protect the heart, Seven Seas launched an overthe- counter health supplement, Pulse Pure Fish Oils, with the tagline “Helps maintain a healthy heart.”


Seven Seas launched Ocean Gold, an award-winning, patented purification process. This gentle process set a new standard in Cod Liver Oil purity without detracting from the nutritional values of the oils.

2000 to present

Seven Seas products expanded to over 60 countries across the globe. Seven Seas is the No. 1 vitamins brand in the United Kingdom.

Seven Seas Health Supplements are sold in more than 60 countries worldwide.