Don’t stress! It’s possible to meet all your child’s nutritional needs – no matter how picky he is at mealtime.

Kids are notoriously fussy eaters. If they’re not refusing to eat their vegetables, then they’re making you run around the house behind them. And it’s a bigger challenge when your little one won’t eat anything but chips and jam sandwiches. All of this makes it tricky to ensure they’re getting the right nutrients for optimal growth. And yet, the early years are a crucial time for your child’s mental and physical development; which is why making sure they receive the right nutrition is incredibly important. As a parent, it’s natural to worry about your children’s health. Rather than get stressed at mealtimes, however – kids feed off anxiety, after all – giving your child a nutritional supplement can help bring extra peace of mind. Cod Liver Oil or CLO, for example, is a rich source of omega 3 oils, essential fatty acids that have been shown to contribute to healthy brain development.

It also contains Vitamin A which supports growth and eyes and Vitamin D which helps healthy bones, teeth and muscles. Choose a supplement that comes in a pleasant-tasting syrup or easy-to-swallow golden capsule, and your little ones will be only too happy to take it. Sadly, we can’t say the same about that spinach…



Did you know that DHA, an omega 3 fatty acid is one of the primary components of the human brain?
It’s a competitive world out there. Knowing those little minds are getting the right food they need to excel, is one less thing to worry about.


Taking Multivitamins can support everyday health, energy levels and the immune defence – and integrating a Multivitamin regimen into your daily routine is easy and inexpensive.
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