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It’s a competitive world out there. Knowing those little minds are getting the right food they need to excel, is one less thing to worry about.

Childhood might be a magical time, but for parents it’s often fraught with worry. Are your children stimulated enough? Doing their homework on time? Getting enough sleep? Coming 1st in class? Ooopsie! Making sure they get the right nutrients is a good place to start. Experts recommend a balance of protein-rich foods, healthy fats, complex carbohydrates, and fresh fruit and vegetables for good health. This will ensure your children are getting all the nutrients they need to excel. Like Cod Liver Oil for example, which is one of the best sources of DHA. Not only that, it also provides Vitamins A and D.

DHA is a key building block for your child’s brain. It supports brain development, helping in learning ability, concentration and memory. Vitamins are very important too. Vitamin A for example plays an important role in eye health and good vision. Carrots are a great source of beta-carotene (which the body converts to vitamin A), and make a great snack for little ones when eaten raw. Vitamin D (found in eggs and oily fish) is important for calcium absorption and strong bones.

Of course, children won’t always eat the food you put on their plate. That’s why giving them a nutritional supplement can help, especially one that is rich in DHA which helps in healthy brain development. Phew! One thing less to worry about.... give or take the odd tantrum.


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