Anonymous A-List Celebrities Share their Beauty Secrets

Celebrity Secret Tips and Tricks for Looking Young.

Youth and sex appeal are the bread and butter for Hollywood celebrities. Finding healthy ways to stay young and vivacious can extend one’s career for decades. The lifestyle and beauty portal collected some of the best secret tips and tricks Hollywood A-listers swear by:

According to an olive-skinned super model from the 90s and a beauty expert today, you dilute a bit of whole milk with water, and spritz it on your face. Let it sit for at least 15 minutes, and it’ll moisturize, exfoliate and reduce visible wrinkles.

A treasure of the British stage and screen often indulges in this anti-ageing secret: "I try to sleep as much as possible. It's very important and, as you get older, even more so.”

A well-known German Super model from the 90s & Noughties doesn’t just drink bottled mineral water, she uses it to wash her face.

A member of an American acting dynasty and the 80s home video queen of working out swears by the healing powers of regular exercise. She says, "It really is the number one thing for successful ageing.”

Model-turned-actress known for snagging men half her age insists the key to looking young is her regular moisturizing routine, saying that if you keep your skin well-maintained you won't need to wear much makeup.

A freckled, fair-skinned beauty that went from soap operas to indie films to A-list leading lady insists that avoiding the sun as much as possible is the secret that has kept her delicate skin looking so young. She never leaves the house without sunscreen and does her best to stay in the shade.

A Dance and Pop music icon selling out stadiums around the world well into her late 50s, claims that it’s what she eats and drinks that keeps her young. She credits a strict macrobiotic diet and a South American tea made from the yerba mate herb for increasing her energy and speeding up her body's metabolism.

Do you think some of these celebrity tips are worth a try? Do you have your own useful tricks or secrets for youthful looks?


Did you know ?

One of the most natural and easy anti-aging, beauty treatments is likely in your fridge at home. The lactic acid found in whole milk can be used as an exfoliator. And the milk fat is beneficial as a moisturizer. You can splash a bit on your face and leave on for a moment before rinsing, or add a bit of whole milk to your bath for a full body treatment.

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