Retaining Vitality: Easy-to-Follow Tips on How to Look and Feel Younger

Advice that anyone can follow to maintain a youthful appearance and outlook.

Looking young forever used to be science-fiction, but thanks to recent medical studies, fiction is on its way to becoming reality.

Let’s start with nutrition - a key component in battling conditions associated with a demanding lifestyle. A good first step is to lower your intake of sugar, caffeine, processed foods, and alcohol.

Another way to approach ageing would be through tracking the levels of your hormones. Balanced hormone levels can keep at bay many of the negative conditions of ageing, such as prematurely wrinkled skin, unwanted weight gain, memory loss, lowered libido, and problems with getting enough sleep.

Our skin is often where the first signs of ageing appear. Try to increase your antioxidants and retain high amounts of vitamins E, C, and A in your diet. Obviously, daily sunscreen with a high SPF is also advocated. Choose sunscreens that are labeled 'broad-spectrum' in order to protect your skin from all types of UV rays. Also, be sure to moisturize your skin with Aloe Vera after sun exposure.

Not getting enough sleep can also lead to premature ageing. Within the past few years, researchers have compiled a trove of evidence proving that sleep is critical to multiple aspects of your health. While you sleep, the body enters a type of repair mode in an effort to fix damage from the previous day and to prepare your body for whatever tomorrow has in store.

Did you know ?

The way you sleep can have an impact on your youthful appearance. Sleeping on your side will most likely develop wrinkles on that side of your face. This is due to restricting blood circulation when you favour one side, preventing essential oxygen and nutrients from getting to some areas of your face.*



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