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How to Stay Active for Longer

Keeping fit is the best anti-ager there is. Support your body’s physical needs with a few lifestyle changes and there’ll be no stopping you.

There’s nothing more rejuvenating than a bracing walk or a dip in the pool. But being active isn’t always easy, especially if you spend most of your day sitting at a desk and the sofa beckons when you get home. Pulling on your trainers or going for a swim can feel even harder as you get older and start to notice twinges and aches that didn’t used to be there.

Energy levels can seriously drop with age, too. (Remember the good old days when you’d think nothing of dancing all night and still be able to race around the next day?) Unfortunately, it’s easy to get out of the habit of exercising, and the less active you are, the less you feel like doing… before you know it your joints are getting stiff and you’re making that ‘oooph’ noise as you get up out of your armchair. (Seriously, where does that noise come from?!)

Don’t worry, though, becoming tired and creaky is not an inevitable part of the ageing process. Sure, your joints and ligaments experience wear and tear, but staying active and eating a healthy balanced diet plus exercise, can help delay many of the physical and even mental signs of ageing. Good nutrition will help you to be more active and being active, will support your joints, ligaments and boost your energy levels so you’ll feel more inclined to hit the gym or go to that exercise class you’ve been meaning to try for ages.

Taking a nutritional supplement can help, too. Cod liver oil, for example, is an important source of omega-3 oils, with EPA and DHA which have been shown to support cardiovascular health as well as DHA that supports your brain function. Certain vitamins and minerals can help you stay more active, too.

B vitamins play an important role in energy release, so taking a supplement that contains a B complex (several B-vitamins) might be a good idea to keep you firing on all cylinders, too. Additionally ginseng can support stamina. Vitamin B6 & B12 help contribute to energy yielding metabolism.

Glucosamine, for example – a naturally occurring compound found in the fluid around our joints that can also be sourced from shellfish

A few simple changes that could mean you’re more likely to get your trainers on in the first place – and the more active you are, the younger you’ll feel. The armchair can wait.



The proper nutrients give us strong joints.
Times may have changed, but the Seven Seas commitment to cod liver oil remains unshaken. Seven Seas has been providing customers with unique natural supplements and fish oils for 80 years –a rich heritage to celebrate!


If you’re looking to keep your heart healthy, omega-3 is definitely something to clue yourself up on.
A compound naturally found in healthy joints.
Vitamin D contributes to the maintenance of normal bones and teeth, as well as muscle function and the immune system.