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Adopt Good Habits Now to Manage Aging

Changing your habits can help you age more gracefully.

We live in a world that promotes a stress-fueled and overworked lifestyle. Many of our jobs require us to sit for long periods of time, which, while not using up much energy, tends to make us feel more worn out. It’s a good idea to pause every now and then to reevaluate your routine and swap out the bad habits for good ones.

To slow down the effects of aging on your body and mind, it’s important to adopt good habits as early as possible in life. However, if you didn’t have the wherewithal to start in your youth, to paraphrase an ancient proverb, the second-best time to start is now.

The process of discarding an old habit or acquiring a new one takes over couple of weeks. You should do the same thing at the same time of the day for some period of time to make this happen. Experiment and even try replacing an old habit with a new one.

Start with something simple: drink more water. Keep a full and chilled bottle on hand for keeping dehydration at bay. Staying hydrated is important for the proper function of your body.

Have a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. 

Try doing yoga. A physical habit is known to help clear the mind, reduce fatigue, and to improve self-assurance. Many styles of yoga are perfect for any level of fitness.

Learn to relax by incorporating meditation into your day. A 20 minute session or two a day can help you consciously declutter your mind.

Make sleeping a healthy habit. The preferred method to get plenty of sleep is to get in bed at a regular time every night and if possible, sleep until you awaken without the use of an alarm clock. Since life without an alarm clock isn't a luxury many of us can enjoy, a good rule of thumb is to get in bed at least eight hours before you need to wake up. Naps are another way to replenish your energy level during the day. Strive for brief naps, about 20 to 30 minutes. Much longer and you could have trouble sleeping at night.

Did you know ?

A yearlong study of 50 older adults published in JAMA Internal Medicine concluded that meditators had a greater increase in sleep quality and far fewer symptoms of fatigue than participants that practiced traditional sleep promotion methods.



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