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What Is Glucosamine?

Glucosamine is a natural chemical compound found in the body and is an amino sugar. Seven Seas offers glucosamine in a variety of supplements, including the JointCare brand.


  • Benefits

    Your body produces glucosamine from various sugars and amino acids that are part of a balanced diet. They maintain and rebuild the structure and function of joints so that you can remain limber and mobile. It’s common knowledge that joint integrity tends to deteriorate as people age so later in life is a great time to take advantage of the benefits of taking glucosamine supplements.

  • Glucosamine Sources

    Most diets don’t naturally contain any glucosamine. The chemical compound is normally produced in the body but can be derived from the shells of shellfish and other crustaceans and made into a supplement. 

    By ingesting the supplements, you give your body the addition of glucosamine that it may otherwise have to produce itself.

  • Who should take Glucosamine?

    Glucosamine supplements can be taken as part of a healthy diet and regular exercise.  
    Learn where to purchase glucosamine supplements from Seven Seas in your area or online.


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