Cod Liver Oil: A smile a day really does keep your worries away - according to the nation's five year olds

Seven Seas Cod Liver Oil have conducted research exploring the nations attitudes to daily routines for their ‘Daily Doses’ campaign, looking at the differences between the habits kids and adults think they should be doing daily.


The research shows that routine is important to us as a nation, whatever our age, revealing that the majority of us of have a daily routine in some form, whether that be a strict one followed step by step (11%), or just a few habits that we make sure we do every day (29%). Whatever the case, for the majority of us, (70%) daily routine is an important part of life. For most of us, forming a new habit only takes from a few days (31%) to a week (27%) or two (18%), the over 65’s (62%) are the age group who pick up new habits most quickly, picking them up in between a few days and a week.


Top Habits of five year olds compared with adults

Five Year Olds Adults
Smiling (72%) Getting a good night's sleep (81%)
Laughing (51%) Drinking water (81%)
Playing with friends (45%) Eating a balanced diet (70%)
Running around outside (41%) Exercising (56%)
Being silly (36%) Getting outside (38%)


Whilst many of us long for the uninhibited days of childhood; laughing, playing and simply being silly, these are habits we often give up as adults in pursuit of more serious endeavors. The research showed that the nation’s kids had advice for adults, recommending they smile (62%) and laugh (52%) every day. However, the UK’s adults haven’t lost their sense of fun; 55% claim to laugh at least 5 times a day, 38% own up to being silly at least once every day and half (49%) admit to having a daily sing song.


In light of the research, Seven Seas Cod Liver Oil has created a series of heartwarming videos as part of its Daily Doses campaign, showing the importance of daily habits at any age. The videos show 5-year olds and retirees learning from each other, for example challenging each other to a dance off, with the kids teaching the older generation to floss, whilst being taught to ballroom dance in return, in a sharing of knowledge from two very different perspectives.


Dr James Brown, Gerontology Expert and Director of Aston Research Centre for Healthy Ageing: ‘The research by Seven Seas Cod Liver Oil shows that routine is important whatever your age. It’s not surprising that the younger generations daily habits focus on the fun, lighter side of life whereas the adults focus on the more practical. The two generations can both learn things from each other to make us happier and healthier in our daily lives.”



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