Why is everyone talking about ceramides...

Over the past few years, collagen has been the main ingredient on everyone’s wish list when it comes to skincare and fending off the aging process - but now there’s a new buzz word that everyone’s talking about: ceramides.
What are ceramides and what can they do for my skin?
Ceramides are contained in the stratum corneum – the outermost layer of the skin. They help to maintain the skin’s natural ‘barrier’ which helps stop moisture escaping and bacteria entering and, as a result, help keep skin hydrated1.
As we age the natural ceramide levels in the skin start to deplete. This depletion, coupled with other factors like sun exposure, pollution and lifestyle, can all take their toll on our skin, impacting the appearance of suppleness, radiance and smoothness.2
Luckily, you can now give your ceramide levels a helping hand by using a number of topical skincare products. Ceramide creams and gels can be applied topically to top up your ceramide levels to restore the normal skin barrier function which supports skin rehydration3, stops bacteria permeating the surface4, and help to improve the skin’s appearance by reducing redness and the appearance of wrinkles5.
What can I do on the inside to improve the appearance of my skin on the outside?
Many people forget that skin needs food – it needs nutrients to stay healthy, just like the other organs in our bodies. Fruit and vegetables contain essential vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin C and E to help maintain youthful looking skin, so make sure you make an effort to get your five-a-day.
You may also want to consider taking a multivitamin, to top up vitamins found in your diet. Vitamin A and biotin help to support normal skin function, while vitamin C contributes to normal collagen formation for the normal functioning of skin.
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