What vitamins are best for my skin this summer?

It’s vital to look after your skin all year round, but during the hotter months extra care needs to be taken to protect skin against dehydration and the sun’s harmful UV rays.
And, with more of our bodies exposed in shorts and t-shirts, not only should we ensure we apply sun cream but it’s also important we look after our skin maintains its normal healthy glow.
By eating a wide range of skin nourishing nutrients, found in a healthy, balanced diet –combined with drinking plenty of water - your skin can look its best this summer.
Vitamin A
A healthy diet containing foods such as cheese, eggs, carrots, sweet potato and mango which have high levels of vitamin A will keep your skin healthy. The vitamin which is also known as retinol or beta-carotene can help protect the skin against ageing through exposure to the sun1. They are antioxidants and help protect the skin’s cells from oxidising stress caused by the sun2.
Vitamin C
This wondrous nutrient found in fruits and vegetables like oranges and tomatoes has also been linked to being able to protect the skin against the sun’s ultraviolet rays. It contributes to the production of collagen – a key component of the skin – which gives the appearance of plumping out the skin and reducing the signs of fine lines and wrinkles3.
Vitamin E
It’s antioxidising properties means Vitamin E is great at protecting the skin against harmful free radicals which cause aging and it also protects cells from light induced damage too. But not only that, the vitamin which is typically found in plant oils, nuts and seeds, also contributes to the protection of cells from oxidising stress.
When applied topically it acts as an emollient - nourishing and moisturising the skin which is particularly important when it gets dried out due to the warm weather. And, it helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles too4.
Just think of your diet as part of your everyday beauty regime to ensure you’re getting the recommended daily amounts of vitamins and minerals for gorgeous skin. And if you find that you’re lacking in nutrients it might be a good idea to supplement your diet with a multivitamin and mineral tablet - including zinc which has been shown to help maintain healthy nails, skin and hair5.
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