The Hair Vitamins 

Hair is our crowning glory, and for some of us it plays a big part in showing our personality to the world. We all love having healthy shiny locks, and there are lots of things we can do to get naturally amazing hair. From the foods we eat to the supplements we take, getting a glossy flowing mane isn’t as hard as you might think.

The Health Benefits of Biotin and Zinc

A well-balanced diet rich in proteins and carbohydrates plays an important role in hair growth and getting the right vitamins and minerals into your diet will improve the strength and health of your hair in the long term.

Commonly known as the ‘beauty vitamin’, Biotin plays a vital role in converting food into energy, which in turn helps to maintain normal hair, skin and nervous system. Taking a multivitamin food supplement in addition to your diet, such as Seven Seas Perfect7 Woman – which contains Biotin - could help support the health of hair and skin.

In addition, Zinc is also an important trace element which helps to sustain a healthy immune system. It also plays an important role in maintaining normal hair, skin and nails, together with a role in protein synthesis and carbohydrate metabolism. 

Hair Growth

We all wish there was a magic supplement we could take for hair growth, sadly it just doesn’t exist. Hair grows around an inch a month, but it can feel like less if your hair is susceptible to breakage, which is particularly common in those who chemically lighten their hair. By keeping your hair in the healthiest possible condition you will start to see a real difference in the length. Regular hair trims may seem counter intuitive, and contrary to popular belief they won’t help your hair grow faster, but they’re great for preventing split ends from travelling up the hair shaft, causing damage and the dreaded frizz!

Going easy on the heat styling tools will also do wonders for the health of your hair. Regular blow drying, straightening and curling are all responsible for damage over time. Try leaving your hair to dry naturally as this can improve the condition over time.

Tips for Healthy Hair

There are lots of ways to get your hair into great condition and it’s a great excuse to try out new beauty products.

Weekly or monthly hair masks are great for adding shine and softness to dull dry hair. A simple DIY hair mask worth trying would be a mixture of protein rich egg yolk, coconut oil and honey. Leave on wet hair for up to 30 minutes with a towel wrapped around, and leave to dry naturally.

For an alternative to damaging heat styling tools, why not try heatless curls for a natural ‘beachy’ look. Let your hair air dry until it’s around 80% dry, then twist into two tight buns and leave overnight. Make sure you use a styling cream or oil to keep the frizz at bay.



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