The Confidence Curve with Perfect7*

Perfect7 is working with television and radio presenter Lisa Snowdon, to celebrate confidence from the inside out in its Confidence Curve campaign. The campaign looks at confidence trends in women and men, and the milestones that drive them, identifying that ultimately, confidence comes from feeling good within. 


Perfect7 have conducted research that found men are more confident in their younger years than women, with one fifth reaching peak confidence in their 30’s and remaining around this level until reaching their 60’s. While women’s confidence steadily grows throughout their 20’s, 30’s and 40’s, this doesn’t spike until reaching their 50’s


These confidence changes and variations are represented in The Perfect7 Confidence Curve, showing how men and women's confidence levels spike at different times in their life.

For men, the key life events that they attribute to peaks in confidence are:
·     Passing driving test (34%) 

·     Moving into first home (33%) 

·     Getting married (32%)

While women admitted the following milestones filled them with more confidence:

·     Getting first job (35%) 

·     Having a child (33%)

·     Moving into first home (31%) 

Behavioural Psychologist, Jo Hemmings, outlines the Confidence Curve age typologies

Tenuous 20’s- both genders experience a big jump in confidence as they hit their 20’s, with 42% feeling confident, indicating greater self-awareness once they’ve left the tumultuous teen years behind. 


Flourishing 30’s- while men have comfortably into their 30’s, women are a little less so. While 33% report having their first child fills them with confidence, for some, this can bring the juggling act of career and child rearing.


Steady 40’s- a decade of calm for both genders, where settling into family life and careers feels like life as it should be, getting better at not sweating the small stuff (20%) 


Fabulous 50’s- women’s confidence leaps ahead, to their most self-assured decade of all. We can start to spend a little more time indulging ourselves again. 


Steady 60's- We're back on par - by our 60's, we see men and women on par again, confidence wise, in a way that was last seen in their 20's

Lisa Snowdon comments on the research:

“The research highlights that our confidence keeps growing throughout our lives and I couldn’t agree more. Life is full of milestones and lots of these give us a boost, or occasionally a knock.


As I’ve gone through life and celebrated certain milestones, my confidence has grown and grown and today I can honestly say I’ve never felt more comfortable in my own skin. When I look back at the significant moments in my life, the ups and downs, the good and the bad I have realised the lessons you learn with each experience make you that much stronger. That’s why I’ve chosen to partner with Seven Seas Perfect7 for their Confidence Curve campaign to encourage men and women to embrace their confidence from the inside out.”


Behavioural Psychologist, Jo Hemmings explains why men experience confidence earlier in life compared to women:


“The research reveals that men gain confidence much earlier than women, by almost two decades, women don’t peak in confidence until their 50’s, when it spikes quite significantly. This would imply that women both under estimate their achievements more than men (who perhaps over estimate theirs!) and with – unlike men – having their first child as a confidence milestone, shows that bringing up a family as well as working, means that they are not ready to feel a real sense of achievement, until both those jobs are ‘done’.”

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