Spring clean your health

Finding motivation to change a routine isn’t easy. We often find we eat the same foods, do the same workouts and stick to the same old skincare regime – and still wonder why we’re not reaping the health benefits we once were.
There's no 'one size fits all' answer to change daily habits, but with spring upon us and summer on the way, it is possible...
Mixing up meal times
Do you find yourself serving up the same meals week after week? You’re not alone. For a vast majority of us, time, decision-fatigue and wanting to keep on top of our calorie intake has an impact on what we consume. But eating a healthy, balanced diet doesn’t have to be restrictive and one of the best ways to add variety to your meals is to experiment with ingredients you haven’t used before. A simple way to do this is to eat seasonally to create dishes that are packed with new flavour. In May, for instance, enjoy fresh and flavoursome asparagus and home-grown new potatoes. Look online for new recipes and inspiration. Try our Beat Nut and Seed Veggie Burger recipe which is quick, packed full of goodness and easy to make.
Exercising outdoors
If you regularly exercise in your local gym or at home why not try taking your workout outside? Not only will you get some fresh air but there’s also the added bonus of topping up your vitamin D levels when the sun comes out. So, with the lighter mornings and longer days, spring marks the perfect time to take your workout routine outside. If, however, you find it difficult to motivate yourself away from the gym, look up your nearest park bootcamp. British Military Fitness offer classes across the UK and you can sign up for a free session.
Skincare regime
Skin is a clear indicator of our overall health. During the colder months our complexion is subject to tightness, dryness and flaking. Central-heating plays havoc with our moisture levels, while winds can leave us red and chapped meaning our skin needs both protection and nourishment. In comparison, spring is a time to detox. Drinking water can help your skin stay hydrated, preventing it from drying out1.



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