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Your favourite joint care supplement has been given a makeover! Seven Seas JointCare has brand new packaging and is on shelves now.
Why the new look?
While Seven Seas JointCare remains the same product you know and love, the packaging has been given a spruce up so everyone can clearly see the amazing benefits of taking each product.
As well as putting on our new logo, we wanted to ensure the key ingredients were highlighted on the packaging too so our customers know exactly what they’re benefitting from.
What are the health benefits of taking Seven Seas JointCare supplements?
Our JointCare experts understand how important it is for you to stay active and continue being able to do the things you love.
There are four products in the JointCare range - JointCare Supplex, JointCare Active, JointCare Complete and JointCare Max – which have been formulated with Vitamin D to support the maintenance of normal bones and muscle function. Each product also contains Glucosamine and Seven Seas quality Omega-3.
While the amount of vitamins and minerals vary with each supplement all of them have 10mcg of Vitamin D – the amount recommended by Public Health England1.
Glucosamine is found naturally in your body and plays an important part in making glycosaminoglycans and glycoproteins which help form parts of the joints such as the ligaments, tendons, cartilage and synovial fluid2.
The fatty acids typically found in fish help maintain heart, brain and eye health. Seven Seas Omega-3 is rich in DHA and EPA which helps maintain the body’s metabolism and circulation as well as maintain overall health. These fatty acids aren’t produced by the body in sufficient amounts but you can get Omega-3s through your diet or taking a supplement containing Omega-3 can also help you to meet your daily requirement3.
Vitamin D
This nutrient is crucial for strong bones as it contributes to normal blood calcium levels. If you lack Vitamin D it could cause bones to soften, become brittle or cause weak muscles. But while you can get Vitamin D from the sun, taking a supplement containing Vitamin D can help keep your bones healthy and strong4.
How to take them?
Although the product looks brand new, it’s still to be taken in the same way – take one easy to swallow capsule a day with a cold drink.
3. Taken from manufacturers advice found here



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