Anti-aging top tips

As we get older it comes as no surprise that our age can start to show on our face. Perhaps our skin starts to sag and it doesn’t feel as plump and as smooth as it once did, or those fine lines and wrinkles become more visible.
While aging is inevitable, you needn’t be filled with dread each time you look in the mirror. These top anti-aging tips, are great for helping you look and feel fabulous in no time.
Wear sun protection
Ensuring you wear a high sun protection factor each day can do wonders in protecting your skin from the visible signs of aging. Harmful Ultraviolet (UV) rays not only speed up the aging process but can also cause irreversible damage and even lead to skin cancer1
UV rays can also damage the elastin in our skin. Elastin is really important for a healthy looking complexion so when these fibres break down, our skin can start to sag and stretch which in turn makes us appear older2.
Drink plenty of water
We all know that drinking plenty of water is good for us – after all, it makes up around 60% of our body3. But water is also essential in ensuring our skin remains hydrated too as it helps support turgor, elasticity and suppleness4.
Top up on skin-nourishing vitamins and minerals
Eating a well-balanced diet full of skin nourishing vitamins and minerals will help in achieving younger looking skin. Fruits high in Vitamin C, such as oranges and blackcurrants, are great in supporting collagen formation5.
Vitamin E rich foods, such as almonds and sunflower seeds, have anti-oxidising properties and help protect the skin from oxidative stress5.
And Vitamin A rich products including carrots, sweet potatoes and mangoes also help keep skin healthy5.
Ceramides are found in the outermost layer of the skin and helps with the skin’s moisture function.
An independent study has shown that taking oral ceramide supplements can reduce the appearance of wrinkles in 60 days. Nine out of ten triantiallists felt their skin was smoother and softer after taking ceramosides for 60 days. The study found that an oral ceramide supplement can protect against the signs of aging and help with the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as appearing more hydrated, smooth and elastic6.
Staying active helps keep the body young and healthy. Studies have shown that taking part in regular physical activity helps keep the immune system healthy, and helps stave off an increase in fat and cholesterol levels, that can be associated with age7.
6.   Article: Improving Skin Hydration and Age-related Symptoms by Oral Administration of Wheat



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