• Vitality

    Why Take Multibionta Vitality?

    Vitality is designed to support your energy yielding metabolism, unlock energy & help keep you full of vitality.

  • 50 plus

    Why Take Multibionta 50+?

    50+ is designed to support your natural metabolism for long-term health & vitality.

  • Activate

    Why Take Multibionta Activate?

    Activate is designed with a unique sustained-release layer that supports energy release throughout the day.

  • Why Take Multibionta Boost?

    Boost includes vitamins and Minerals your body needs for effective energy release.

  • Immunity

    Why Take Multibionta Immune Defence?

    Immune Defence is designed to help support a healthy immune system and provide antioxidant protection.

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See the science behind Multibionta

Unlike ordinary multivitamins Multibionta contains a unique blend of probiotics combined with essential vitamins and minerals. The probiotics are protected through the stomach by the coating on the 3 layer tablet, which is shown to deliver significantly more of the friendly bacteria to the gut*

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