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  • Why is Multibionta special or different?

    Only Multibionta Probiotic Multivitamins provide a triple-power solution that is tailored to support your body's natural defences so you can feel your best.

    Unlike ordinary multivitamins, most Multibionta contain natural probiotic cultures blended with essential vitamins and minerals, including B vitamins and vitamin C which can help maintain vitality and help maintain your natural immune system The innovative Multibionta coated triple layer tablet delivery system helps the probiotic bacteria make their journey to the gut.

    Multibionta Boost, which doesn’t contain probiotics, is an effervescent tablet designed to be dissolved in 200ml of cold water to make a delicious drink

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  • What are probiotic cultures?

    The term “probiotic” is derived from the Greek "pro bios" and literally means “for life”.

    It is used nowadays to describe certain live microorganisms, the lactic acid bacteria. These bacteria are important constituents of a healthy gut flora. During their passage through our digestive tract, above all else, probiotic lactic acid bacteria have to withstand stomach and bile acid, because this is the only way that adequate numbers of them can survive to reach the intestine.

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  • How do the probiotic cultures in Multibionta reach the gut alive?

    Some products in Multibionta range contain probiotics which are contained in a triple layer tablet that is coated with a protective film.

    Through the use of specially patented manufacturing techniques Seven Seas has been successful in combining probiotics with vitamins and minerals in some of the products within the Multibionta range. The innovative Merck coated triple layer tablet delivery system helps the probiotic bacteria make their journey to the gut.

    Before packing into the triple layer tablet, the probiotic are very carefully dried and embedded in a carrier material. Through this technique, they remain active and thus preserved in a living state.

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  • What's so special about the probiotics (friendly bacteria) in Multibionta?

    Each Multibionta tablet contains 10 million friendly bacteria.

    Unlike those found in many probiotic-containing yoghurts, these friendly bacteria have been specially coated so that they are not released until they reach the gut.

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  • Can I still eat probiotic yogurt if I take Multibionta?

    Yes, you can still enjoy yogurt while you take Multibionta.

    There are many different strains of probiotics, so you can get a combination from both yogurt and supplements.

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  • What does probiotic culture count mean? Is more better?

    Probiotic culture count refers to the total live bacterial Colony Forming Units (CFU) count per dosage unit (e.g. tablet , capsule) of a probiotic product.

    Depending on the probiotic product, the culture count can be in the millions or even in the billions. But more is not necessarily better. Probiotic products can be formulated using different probiotic strains and culture counts, have different dosing instructions and conditions of use. Therefore it is important to always read the product label before use.

    Multibionta's probiotic culture count is 1x107 CFU we also use a special manufacturing process which prepares and preserves its probiotic cultures. Finally, each tablet has a special film-coating that protects the probiotics to ensure high survival through the acidic stomach contents.

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  • What is the purpose of the triple layer tablet?

    The purpose of the triple layer tablet is to separate the probiotics from the other layers containing vitamins and minerals to assist transport to the gut.

  • Why does the Multibionta caplet have three layers?

    Multibionta is a combination of probiotics, vitamins and minerals, and the triple-layer caplets allows for the all-in-one format.

    The tablet has a special coating on it to help the probotics survive the journey through the acidic stomach environment and reach the part of the gut where they are normally found.

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  • Who benefits from taking Multibionta Probiotic multivitamins?

    Those who would like to maintain a healthy lifestyle from children through to adults 50+ looking for the benefits of vitality and immunity.*

    *Contains B vitamins to support vitality and antioxidants including vitamin C, zinc and selenium to support a healthy immune system.

  • Does my body really need a Probiotic Multivitamin?

    Ideally a balanced diet should provide us with all the nutrients that we need. However, with today's hectic lifestyle we do not always eat what we should. We often consume processed and convenience foods, skip meals completely, alter our diets for slimming or have selective eating habits. A combination of these factors may mean that we are not getting all of the nutrients that we need.

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  • Is Multibionta suitable for children?

    Multibionta is suitable for children over the age of 12.

    Speak with your doctor or pharmacist if you are interested in finding probiotic supplements or multivitamins specifically for your child.

  • I am pregnant. Are Multibionta tablets suitable for me?

    Government advice to all women who are pregnant or planning a pregnancy is that you should take 400mg of folic acid per day, from the time when you start trying to conceive (or if your pregnancy was unplanned, from the time when you first learn you are pregnant) until the end of the twelfth week of pregnancy.

    You should consult your doctor or midwife before taking any other supplements.

  • Are Multibionta tablets suitable for vegetarians?

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  • Does Multibionta contain artificial additives?

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  • Is Multibionta free from wheat, yeast or gluten?

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  • Can Multibionta be taken with other supplements?

    Multibionta Probiotic Multivitamins contains probiotics, vitamins and minerals to help support your body’s needs.

    However, if you are considering taking Multibionta alongside other supplements, please speak to a health care professional such as a Pharmacist or Doctor.

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  • Is Multibionta suitable for diabetics?

    Yes. Multibionta contains virtually no carbohydrates, so it is not necessary to include it in any dietary calculations.

  • Does Multibionta contain any allergens?

    Multibionta contains milk proteins.

    People who are allergic to milk protein should avoid using this product. Multibionta is free from wheat and gluten containing ingredients. It is therefore suitable for people with Celiac disease or wheat allergies.

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  • How many Multibionta tablets can I take in a day?

    You only need to take one Multibionta tablet daily with a cold drink.

    Many people find that it’s easier to remember if they take it at the same time every day, e.g. with breakfast.

  • Can Multibionta be taken with a hot or warm drink?

    We recommend that Multibionta probiotic multivitamins should be taken with a cold drink, as a hot or warm drink may damage the protective coating of some products – one of the special features of products in the Multibionta range.

    The Multibionta tablet needs to be swallowed whole and intact for the living probiotic cultures to reach the gut.

    MULTIBIONTA BOOST, which doesn't contain probiotics, is of course designed to be dissolved in 200ml of cold water to make a delicious effervescent drink

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  • Can Multibionta tablets be divided and dissolved?

    Dividing or dissolving the Multibionta tablet is not recommended because this would damage the protective layer around the tablet of some products.

    This layer provides an additional protection for the probiotic cultures from stomach acid without which the activity of the probiotic cultures would be reduced. The Multibionta tablet needs to be swallowed whole and intact for the living probiotic cultures to reach the gut.

    MULTIBIONTA BOOST, which doesn't contain probiotics, is of course designed to be dissolved in 200ml of cold water to make a delicious effervescent drink

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  • Does Multibionta need to be refrigerated?

    No, Unlike probiotic yogurts Multibionta does not need to be refrigerated.

    This makes it easy and convenient to take every day.

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  • Where is Multibionta available?

    Available in selected grocery, pharmacies and drugstores and On LINE from Seven Seas shop and some retailer websites


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According to the currently adopted definition by Food and Agriculture Organisation/World Health Organisation (WHO) probiotics are: 'Live microorganisms which when administered in adequate amounts confer a health benefit on the host'.