• Multibionta Immune Defence

    Why Take Multibionta Immune Defence?

    Unlike ordinary multivitamins Multibionta Immune Defence contains a unique blend of probiotics combined with vitamins and minerals proven to help support a healthy immune system and provide antioxidant protection.** The probiotics are protected through the stomach by the coating on the 3 layer tablet which is shown to deliver significantly more of the friendly bacteria to the gut*. In the gut the unique 3 layer tablet delivers the nutrients for absorption

    * than unprotected probiotics on their own

    ** Contains vitamin C, zinc and selenium which are effective antioxidants proven to support a healthy immune system.

    Strong immune defence begins in the gut

    As a digestive organ, the gut (or intestine) ensures that the body is supplied with nutrients. The foods and supplements we consume are broken down (digested) along the digestive tract and in the gut, and the assorted vitamins and minerals are then distributed through the body to their main areas of action. Good digestive performance is thus essential for physical well-being.

    But our gut can do much more than just help with digestion. The gut is also a vital part of the immune system. As the largest immune organ, a large amount of the immune system resides in the gut, so it’s important to promote good digestive health in order to support your natural immune system. The gut plays an important part in the body’s natural powers of defence. The 400 m2 surface area of the gut lining contains thousands of defence cells. Healthy gut flora, which consists of 400 to 500 different types of useful or “friendly” bacteria, support these cells in their important task of defending the body against unwanted intruders and pathogens, we sometimes call “bad bacteria”..

    Gut flora can be disturbed by a combination of stress, drugs (especially antibiotics), poor eating habits and physical strain, and this disturbance may weaken the gut’s own immune system. However, if the gut flora is healthy, it forms a natural protective barrier against troublesome bacteria. Taking probiotics can help keep a healthy gut flora.

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