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  • Multibionta has a range of products for your Vitality, which are specifically designed for different health needs and for different stages of life. Vitality is all about feeling great and being able to take on life’s little challenges.

    Most of Multibionta's Vitality range contain unique combinations of probiotics, vitamins and minerals including B vitamins to support your energy yielding metabolism, helping to keep you full of vitality.

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  • Multibionta's product for Immunity, containing vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin C, Zinc and Selenium, specially designed to support your immune system to help keep you feeling great and ready to take on life’s challenges.

    Multibionta helps you maintain your immune defences with the range containing a unique combination of probiotics,vitamins and minerals.

    Did you know that the gut is one of the most important immune organs in the body?

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  • View our Vitality Range

    Multibionta Vitality contains a unique blend of probiotics combined with essential vitamins and minerals to support your natural metabolism...

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  • Investigate our immunity product

    Multibionta product for Immunity, specially designed to support your immune system

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