Children’s Health

Covering the questions and issues you face as a parent on health and wellbeing, we delve into subjects we hope are important to you as a parent on behalf of your child or young adult.

Reward Charts for Children

Recommended by many leading child experts reward charts work well for children aged 3- 8 years and are a fantastic way to promote and encourage good behavior.

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Vitamin D for Children

Vitamin D plays a vital role in the growth of bones. This is especially important for children who need to build up their bone reserves for later life.

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Healthy eating hints and tips

As parents, we can model good eating and activity habits ourselves, provide quick but nourishing family meals and set limits on foods with little nutritional value.

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Back to school with Haliborange

Staying well can be particularly challenging when going back to school, especially as children may come into contact with new bugs.

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Why vitamins are important for children

The needs of every child and their family are different, and this applies to nutritional needs too!

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A parent’s guide to homework

Homework can often be an area of conflict in many homes, which is why we have developed this Parent’s Guide to Homework.

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Exercise and your child

Just like adults, children need regular exercise to stay happy and healthy.

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Hints and tips for fussy eaters

If you are worried about your child receiving adequate nutrients from their diet, you are not alone! Many parents find mealtimes difficult, especially when their children are fussy eaters.

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Looking after your baby or toddler

After six months, breast milk alone doesn't provide your baby with enough minerals and nutrients, so other foods are needed.

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Guide to successful revision

The academic challenges increase rapidly as children get older. For most teenagers it can be quite a testing time - with increased homework to focus on, mock exams, then the real exams to revise for and sit.

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Tips for pre-teen years

The transition years between little a boy or girl and a teenager are a difficult and confusing time for most children. Not to mention for most parents.

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Children's Health

  • Healthy eating hints
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  • A parent’s guide to homework