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Question 1. What is Femibion®?

Femibion® from Seven Seas is a new range of nutritional supplements inspiring women’s well-being from within. Created by women for women, Femibion® products contain customised formulas of vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients that allow you to choose what is right for you, at every age and stage of your life. The range includes supplements dedicated to your changing needs during pregnancy, motherhood, menstruation, daily life and menopause.

Question 2. Who makes Femibion®?

The Femibion® range comes from Seven Seas. You may well know us through our leading vitamin, mineral and supplement brands such as Seven Seas Cod Liver Oil, JointCare, Multibionta and Haliborange. Over the past 70 years Seven Seas has invested heavily in scientific research, health education and the most modern manufacturing processes to provide products that support lifelong wellbeing for the whole family. As experts in children’s nutrition, probiotics, vitamins, minerals and omega-3, we have now combined this expertise with the insight only women can provide to create a unique range of nutritional supplements exclusively for women – Femibion®.

Question 3. Is Femibion® right for me?

However much we enjoy being women, there are phases in our lives when we want to maintain our vitality and feel our best because of a new situation or changes in our body. It is then we need support to help us to stay healthy and to help manage our changing physical needs. Using a holistic approach, the Femibion® range from Seven Seas helps ensure the right daily balance of nutrients to support your inner health, enabling you to explore all that’s great about being a woman. After all, you like being a woman, so why shouldn’t you always feel at your best?

Question 4. I’m thinking of starting a family. When should I start taking folic acid?

To help ensure the normal development of your baby’s neural tube, the Government’s chief medical officer advises that all women planning a pregnancy take a 400 microgram supplement of folic acid daily from the start of trying to conceive until at least the 12th week of pregnancy. Only Femibion® Healthy Pregnancy from Seven Seas contains Metafolin®, a next generation of folic acid for improved folate availability, as well as providing you with the essential vitamins and nutrients before, during and after pregnancy.

Question 5. What is Metafolin®?

Femibion® Healthy Pregnancy helps to build folate levels, which contribute to the normal growth of the unborn baby. It contains both folic acid and Metafolin® (Calcium -L-Methylfolate), a combination which is more readily available in the body than folic acid alone. Once in the body, Metafolin® (Calcium-L- Methylfolate) quickly converts into the natural form of folate the body uses, which means it can be more easily metabolised than folic acid.

Question 6. I’m a busy mum. Is Femibion® right for me?

Motherhood can place huge demands on body and mind. Femibion® for Energetic Mums contains a combination of Probiotics, CoQ10 and further necessary nutrients like iron and zinc. Independent research has shown that the specially selected Probiotics help support the body’s natural defence system while CoQ10 helps the body to release energy. And because it’s also suitable to take while you’re breastfeeding, you can start enjoying the benefits right away.

Question 7. How can Femibion® support my health through my monthly cycle?

However happy you are with the way you are, you can feel different at different times because of your menstrual cycle. Femibion® Balance is designed to support your wellbeing throughout the month. The customised formulation of Magnesium, Vitamin B6 and other important nutrients help maintain healthy nutrition balance throughout your monthly cycle. Femibion® Balance also helps maintain a healthy nervous system and function.

Question 8. How can Femibion® help support my active lifestyle?

If you want to keep looking and feeling good, Femibion® Radiance provides a unique combination of nutrients and vitamins to help support good health so you can get the most out of being a woman. Femibion® Radiance includes zinc, niacin and vitamin C for healthy skin, Linseed Oils, a natural source of Omega-3 and the antioxidant Grapeseed.

Question 9. I’m approaching menopause. Will Femibion® help me cope with the changes?

Oestrogen controls almost every stage of your life from your menstrual cycle to your sexual development, and contributes to the wellbeing of your brain, heart, blood vessels, skin and bone. At menopause, because these oestrogen levels can fall dramatically, all of these areas can be affected, particularly your bones. Femibion® Menopause Healthy Bones helps you to maintain a healthy bone structure by providing a valuable balance of essential vitamins and minerals so you can face each day with confidence.